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Celebrate the Close of 2013 with a Special Groupon Deal

November 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The last leaf has not fallen to the ground. Believe me, with great anticipation, I am waiting for it to drop so I can retire the rakes and leaf blowers for the year. But it also reminds us that fall has not come to an end quite yet, and there is still plenty of time to capture some beautiful outdoor photos.


East Bank ClevelandEast Bank ClevelandEast Bank Cleveland

Thinking back on some of the shoots I have done this year, Cleveland has so many amazing places to have your pictures taken. It’s no secret that photos at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo have brought out the animal in some of my subjects. And I have snapped a rockstar or two in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You don’t need to search far to be wrapped up in old world beauty, whether its making your own history in photos at Public Square or celebrating over a century of agriculture at the West Side Market.


On the bright side, with a warm weekend coming, there is still time for you and your family to take advantage of our beautiful autumn backdrops here in Cleveland. The Botanical Gardens are always a good spot - natural beauty requires very little editing. You may not be able to stop and smell the roses, but rich colors of the foliage will have people looking green with envy at your photos. The fall festivals are over, but Mapleside Farms offers a year-round view, overlooking acres of orchards.


Perhaps a shoreline shot is more your style? Now is a great time to grab it before the lake freezes over. Lakewood boasts several places that blend the shoreline with fall, or brightens it up with cityscape lights. With us starting to schedule into December, the cityscape will be even brighter with a holiday glow!


With the holidays coming, keep in mind that photos make beautiful gifts. And speaking of gifts, we are happy to offer our new and current customers a special Groupon deal! We are offering two photo packages - $89.99 for a 60-minute photo-shoot package (a $224 value) or $129.99 for a 90-minute photo-shoot package (a $338 value). For complete details and to purchase the deal, please visit the following link:


Once you’ve purchased, just give us a call - 216.245.7666 - or email us at to book your session.


Thanks for reading - see you from behind the lens!

Picturesque Engagement Session in Charming Chagrin Falls, OH

October 14, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Cleveland Engagement Session Photography - Evelyn & Doug in Chagrin Falls



Heading eastward on interstate 90, the ominous clouds ahead in the distance were beautiful, but not the ideal backdrop for the engagement session we had scheduled with Eve and Doug. The deep shades of grey were fragmented only by the periodic flashes of lightning. It was much to our delight to arrive in Chagrin Falls to find the afternoon sunshine casting its glow on the rain spotted city. Chagrin Falls is a beautiful little village with charming shops lining its main streets and flanking the Chagrin river and the waterfalls that are it's namesake.

Cleveland Engagement Session Picnic in the South Chagrin Reservation Park



Eve and Doug selected the picturesque little town to start session, taking advantage of the setting sun in photographs along the river and at the adjacent park. After a few photos, basking in the waterfall mist, a stroll along the river and some playful pictures in the park, we headed south to the reservation to finish the portrait session. Using some picnic props and the rocky stream, we finished the session and created a beautiful set of photos to use in their wedding guest book.


Looking forward to your wedding, Eve and Doug!

Wang-Chuang Wedding at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

September 20, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Organic Focus Photography LLC: Wang Wedding &emdash;


Voltaire said, "Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination."

On August 12, 2012, I was fortunate enough to capture the canvas embroidered by I-Chieh & Chi-Hung. How do an accomplished pianist and brilliant chemist begin their married life together? Simply, elegantly and poetically in the natural setting of the Japanese Garden, part of the scenic Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

I-Chieh & Chi-Hung exchanged their vows with the Japanese garden as their tranquil backdrop, followed by a cocktail celebration in the same setting. Dear friends performed vocal and violin tributes, while the intimate gathering enjoyed the perfect weather and natural setting.

Organic Focus Photography LLC: Wang Wedding &emdash;

The guests were escorted to a picturesque reception at the Katherine Philipp Geis Terrrace, where the tables were flanked by the beautiful, 74 foot-long William E. Conway Family Reflecting pool. With water lilies floating atop the pool and delightful seasonal plantings in surround, it was not difficult to photograph the happy couple relishing their moment, enveloped by family and close friends.

Congratulations, once again, I-Chieh & Chi-Hung!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your memorable day!

You can see all the photos from this beautiful day in the Wang Wedding Photo Gallery or by clicking here.

Cell Phone Cameras

April 04, 2012  •  1 Comment

Now that the iPhone 4S has been released with its 8 megapixle camera, it actually rivals the the digital camera my mother is still using.  Which is not that shocking considering mom's camera is about ten years old.  But when you think about all the additional applications our cell phone cameras have, its pretty significant.  Take Hipstamatic.  There is unlimited number of styles, colors, and different effects to make your pictures stand out from all the rest.  With a normal DSLR, you would have to take the picture, go home, upload it, edit it, apply the effects.  Now, your cell phone takes the pictures for you with no editing at all. 

The photo here on the left was taken last weekend using Hipstamatic.  One of the fun features is the ability to shake you phone and the program randomly selects the type of film and camera.  You end up waiting with bated breath as the pictures process inside your camera.  Then, after several seconds, its Christmas time and you are surprised with a picture.  Pretty cool stuff.  My pro level Nikon D3X can't do that and I paid a lot more than I did for my iPhone. 

Another popular photo app is Instagram.  Unlike Hipstamatic, it is a free app and free is always good.  It allows you to do some fun and funky photos right inside the app.  Instagram is different than Hipstamatic in that the photo is edited after the picture is taken.  There are pros and cons to both ways, but the bottom line is the pictures just look cool.  Check out Tarzan (me) to the right.  This picture was taken in the Cleveland Metroparks on a Saturday afternoon by the lovely and wonderful Cathy Fonk.   And yes, my shoes are yellow.  Get over it.

The last program I have on my phone is Pro HDR.  HDR stands for high dynamic range. Basically, it highlights the low and high contrasts in a picture. It gives your picture more depth and contrast. In the pro world, it takes several photos to create a picture in HDR. Usually you start with an over exposure and move to an underexposure, with equal gaps in the middle. Did I lose you? The pros side of HDR can be very detailed, elaborate, and time consuming. Pro HDR does it in seconds. It literally takes two pictures at once and combines the highs and lows. For what it is, it works great. I took the picture below using Pro HDR. You can see the high contrast in the clouds.  When you consider it came from my phone, its pretty amazing. So grab your phone, a couple of photo apps, and have fun.



The Big Hipstamatic Show - Contest Entry

March 08, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Please vote for a photo I entered for this contest. It is a Kotlet sandwich - it's a Polish version of a mini-meatloaf sliced into an awesome leftover sandwich with kale, hummus, mozzarella cheese, sriracha and topped with a tomato salsa in between two slices of whole grain bread.

You can use the info below - just click on the link:
'Kotlet Sandwich. ' #hipstamatic

You can vote by liking it on Facebook or by tweeting the following:
'Kotlet Sandwich. ' #hipstamatic

Kotlet Sandwich

from the site:

Cochon 555, Eater, and Hipstamatic™ have joined forces to launch a photo contest where you compete against Scholium Project winemaker and boastful photographer Abe Schoener. Participants will try to dethrone Abe by taking better pictures than his at Cochon 555 events across the country. Entries can be submitted via two methods using the Hipstamatic™ application or at


Wish me luck! Thank you for your continued support!

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